School Tutoring

Helping school-aged children succeed

Exceed Early Education and Care has an uncompromised commitment to helping children who are struggling or needing extra support at school.

We are passionate about seeing children succeed, no matter what their goal is. For some children, it’s about dealing with low grades at school, for others, it’s lack of enjoyment at school, or difficulty moving from a C-score to a B-score. In some cases, our students should easily be getting higher grades, but are stopped by a gap in their learning, or haven’t been able to work out a way to move beyond what they already know.

The Student Tutor Network is working with us to provide your child’s tutoring needs.

The Student Tutor network believes that students will succeed when they feel confident in their abilities, and that confidence comes from a combination of skills-building and breaking through the areas where they feel they are struggling, and feeling they can give it a go in ways they never imagined they could!

  • Specialised educators.
  • Small-group tutoring rooms.
  • An IT room with 20 workstation computers.
  • Superior facilities and state of the art design.


How does Tutoring work?

Your first session is free, and it’s a chance for you to get to know us—and for us to get to know you and your child.

We will take the time to sit down with you and find out what’s really been happening for your child. We’ll ask your child about their favourite things to do, how they’re finding school, and what they find difficult or frustrating. Once your child is feeling comfortable, we’ll ask them to do some work. For children in primary school, this is usually a little bit of reading, some writing, and some basic maths. For older students, this depends on the subjects they want to cover at tutoring.

Once we find out where they’re really struggling, we explain what’s happening, and show you how we can begin working on problems straight away. And, if you want to help at home, we can give you some pointers to make life easier when it’s time to do homework! From there, we’ll map out a plan for your child’s tutoring sessions.


How will our Tutor know what my child needs?

Each child we meet has their own unique needs. Some of our students are already determined and conscientious – they are looking to improve their marks and abilities. Other students come to us not knowing how to read or write fluently. Others lack confidence and get worried about going to school. During your free tutoring session, we discuss your child’s goals, and look at what they need to have an effective tutoring plan.

We are committed to sending every one of our students home smiling! Our approach makes study fun, and because children are having a good time, they become motivated to learn.

Some students need a hand to catch up in maths, reading, writing, or a combination of all three. Some children have anxiety about their school-work, while others have lost their desire to learn. Sometimes this shows up as poor grades at school. But not always. We help children who are struggling academically, but also those who have lost focus, motivation or confidence.


What if my child has additional or special needs?

We will also work with a number of children who have learning disorders or problems that hold them back at school. We welcome children who have reading problems including dyslexia , trouble concentrating, anxiety, and students on the autism spectrum. We understand that every child has their own story, and we specialise in helping those who are struggling in the classroom. As we focus on having fun, tailoring tutoring, and looking at a child’s individual needs (and not a pre-set program), we’ve had a lot of success working with children who just don’t fit the mould when it comes to standardised classroom work.

If you have a child with a learning difficulty or who is finding it tough to keep up in the classroom, let us know when you call. We want to find out what they need so that we can work out the most effective way to help.


I think my child may have "fallen through the gaps" or somehow "slipped through the system". What can I do now to help?

For a variety of reasons, there are some children who have missed a portion of primary or high school, who spent time in different schools while travelling, who were held down a year, or who missed school due to illness. Most of the time, these children are completely capable of performing, but have missed sections of their education that teachers assume they know. For these children, we concentrate on finding where the gaps are, and making sure that we replace some of the missed building blocks. Once these steps are in place, children find it much easier to keep up in class and realise their true potential.

How can tutoring help extend my child who seems "ahead" of the class?

For some students, keeping up with the class is under-performing. These children need to be extended and challenged to meet their potential. Our tutors have helped children to reach their true potential in a range of situations, including children wanting to practice their writing, or get a head-start on high school maths. We have resources available for these children, and will always welcome students who want to challenge themselves academically.
Because our approach to tutoring is tailored to each student, we can set work to encourage each child to work to their level – often beyond their own expectations.

Your children can also receive tutoring while participating in our school-aged care programs.